This documentary film is an adventure into the essence of AIMA SAINT-HUNNON as a sculptor, painter, performer,  multi-media and installation artist; the influences that have shaped her perspective and driven her passion;  the motives of her sculptures and paintings; and the process of her emergence into relevance in the city of dreams. It presents to the audience the challenges encountered by migrant artists who seek acceptance in the wealthier circles of New York art patrons and connoisseurs; and explores new approaches to art marketing and promotion. A compelling human angle story told in a unique style of dual exposition, “AIMA: A Journey Into Sensuality” weaves two major story arcs together brilliantly and delivers a riveting climax at the end. Designed for exploitation on diverse platforms, the film will be produced on the high definition digital video format.



"There is feminism in all of us"

The body of a woman is the epitome of sensuality. This belief constitutes the core inspiration of Aima in the creation of her “La La” and subsequent works since the very first one she created in France which presents a rare burst of artistic courage. Aima is convinced that the earth, like the woman, is being crucified every day.

She creates also her "Loulou", exploring the feminine part of the masculine side - her creation is an homage to the eternal female that resides at the core of each human being. She creates this inner marriage of female power and sacred masculinity, like two complementary beings in the world and the universe.

The reenactment of Aima’s journey from France to the US is told through flashbacks as the process evolves. There are parallels in the production process that enables the fluidity required to sustain the audience’s interest. The production also includes stock footage, archival materials and references to the greats, reenactments, dramatizations, performances, interviews and events.



The only asset Aima brought to New York is her talent. With a rugged commitment to find expression for her creative ingenuity, she is undaunted by the competitive New York art circle which boasts of some of the most renowned emerging artists the world has ever known. She knows she needs the right connection and agency to find her way through. It is a herculean task as she rises above every challenge and refuses to give in to pressure. She has staged a number of shows but her eyes are set on the "SHOW" that ultimately brings it all together for her and her vision.

As soon as she is able to secure the appropriate venue for her pending exhibition, her major challenge becomes the retrieval of her major pieces from the foundry in China without which the show will be incomplete. The plot follows the  difficult choices and sacrifices she has to make to make this a reality. Her experience underscores the peculiarity of the struggles of a young female artist who is fully dedicated to the success of her art to the detriment of the other passions of life.

The difficult moments of misunderstanding with her team about how best to execute the exhibition and subsequent shows as she grapples with the temptation to drift off course because of the tremendous influence of her environment and socio-cultural issues, are captured with dramatic intensity.


She remains very positive about her vision but will New York accept her as a relevant modern sculptor and artist? Will her confidence and optimism pay off?